06 January 2012

2012 - Spitting Womb - Preparing For Humiliation [EP]

So, I think that live drums and guitars is better than programmed. But this EP is shitty too.
Do not enjoy this!

1. Cocktail of Squirt and Shit
2. Session of Foot Fetish Ended With Heel in Eye Socket
3. I Wanna Lick You Up
4. Do You Feel My Foot In Your Ass?
5. Warm Shower... No, It's a Piss!
6. Cum And Bleed
7. 100 Enemas In Your Hole
8. Cum-Drunk Shitwhore
9. Peripheral Ulcerative Keratitis In Sarcoidosis (Menometrorrhagia cover)
10. Cloasalexstrophyamyelomeningocele Strepptoagenesis (Urine Festival cover)
11. Dipping Slut in Toilet Bowl (Old Shit)

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