01 April 2011

2011 - Spitting Womb - Fetus Pathology (Demo)

1. Malformation of the Brainpan
2. Prostate Cancer
3. Huge Lipoma Omentalis, Infringement By the Large Omentum and any Complete Abruption of Necrotised Fragment of a Lipoma in a Small Basin
4. Gastric Necrose With Abundant Urination on Multilated Bodyparts
5. Necrophagous Replacement of Rotting Sphincter
6. Infectous Gurgling
7. Unfeigned Porencefaly and Atrophy of Right Hemishpere
8. Disemboweled Urophiliac Corpse
9. Killing Necropsy
10. Cadaverous Fistfucking
11. Intestinal Spasm Caused by Wrested Part of Stomach
12. Fetus Pathology